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The Betterment of Others

  • Recognized in 2017 in Clover SC with a book signing during African American History Month.

  • Recognized by the County of Mecklenburg 2022

On a Mission to "STOP the STIGMA and the FEAR of Cancer in Our Communities of Color."

Presenting avenues for all humanity, especially women with or without families, the resources that will assist and empower thereby changing the mindset which changes the destiny onward towards a better life.

Educating our communities

Supporting those in recovery


Mable Hemphill



Memory Lane

The Late Mrs. Diane Vestal

In honor of Mable's mentor, confidant and friend who kept her on track to start the Foundation and Retreat, even while battling her illness.

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About our Founder


Efforts, Accomplishments and Awards for Volunteerism:



Mable Ann Hemphill

Born Mable Ann Hemphill (Bigger) on 11/12/1951 to George and Deloris Bigger (now Mrs. Warren Stewart), but raised by her awesome grandparents John Andy a sickly Army Veteran Sharecropper and his wife, an illiterate motherly maid in rural South Carolina. Mable was taught to read and write by the age of two by her Grandfather. Have these skills she blossomed and enjoyed reading her grandfathers favorite book the Bible.  Her talent was noticed as a small child in the third grade at Roosevelt School, a segregated school in Clover South Carolina by her teacher Mrs. Matrue Smith.  Mable wrote her first poem entitled "May is 5th in Line".  Her poem was published in the Evening Herald, now the Herald in Rock Hill, SC and is in it's archives.


This dynamic lady was a pioneer of integration in the 1960's.  She was on of a group of Honor Roll Students who were selected to begin attending the Clover High School, a then all-white school in Clover,SC.


Miss Mable graduated and attended Central Piedmont College and Biscayne Southern Business College in Charlotte, NC.


Miss Mable, as she is affectionately called, has a true love for people. She is the epitome of the "true missionary".  She began this journey as a small child working in the Liberty Hill AME Zion Church along side her beloved grandmother, Mrs. Mary Gwinn Bigger and the other older ladies Missionary Department of the church giving whatever assistance need to help others to overcome their meager surroundings in whatever capacity.  This was especially true when the mother at the house was sick or there was a death in the family.


As one can see, Miss Mable's heart is filled with compassion for the "least, the lost, and the left out."


On August 8, 2019 while at the Levine Cancer Institute with another person going through cancer, Miss Mable got the call from her Surgeon, (Dr. and friend) with the dreaded diagnosis, "You have Breast Cancer."  She was devastated but got up, found a chair, hid behind a large plant and had a good cry . She didn't know how she was going to tell her children since she was divorced and was very independent.  

Miss Mable had to tell them and get them prepared. She was diagnosed as African American Triple Negative Stage 2 (which was really stage 3 and a slight beyond after starting surgery) Cancer of the left breast.  She immediately began her Road to Recovery, which was no picnic!!!


She received a portacath to receive Chemotherapy treatments (4 months), then took a short rest.  On January 8, 2020, she had a complete left breast mastectomy.  This included lymph nodes, 29 radiation treatments, burn injuries, 2 months of wound treatment, and oral Xeloda chemotherapy for a few moths.  She is now Cancer Free!


In 2016, WBTV ran a report on Breast Cancer as Black Women Are Dying at an Alarming Rate.  On February 22, 2022, they interview Miss Mable Hemphill and her Cancer Story.  She shared how there is still a "STIGMA and FEAR of Cancer" in Communities of Color.  Black Women are Dying at an alarming rate!

Since the mother is the "Glue" which holds the family together, Miss Mable keeps it a secret.  For men, the girlfriends or wives often leave once it is revealed, so often their secret is kept in it's box.


Miss Mable has a mission to "STOP the STIGMA and the FEAR of Cancer in Our Communities of Color."

All three organizations are non-profit and tax exempt, designed to EDUCATE, MOTIVATE, and INSPIRE others who are the Least, the Lost and the Left Out.


Miss Mable A. Hemphill

Mable's Story

Our Staff

The founder of Women Implementing Positive Change 501(c)(3) and the operational manager.

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Mable Hemphill



Earline Leggett

Operations Manager

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